"Third Teenage Girl Savagely Killed. Cult Involvement Explored",  blared  the local headline.

Daniel Webster, washed out Baltimore City detective, seizes a last chance position on a small-town police force. He'll need to polish his rusty investigation skills to catch a brazen killer stalking the bay coast village.

Jane Powers, his fellow officer grieves her only daughter, one of the three teens brutally murdered.

The once calm residents now seek justice, wondering whether any young woman is safe from the violent predator. For the first time in memory they oil their rusty deadbolts, then twist them shut. 

Facing mounting pressure, the task force summons the F.B.I. to help solve the homicides while they investigate a once-proud religion turned unspeakably evil. The Corbin Cult, in desperation, struggles to conceal its secrets, with each new revelation law enforcement unearths.

Saul Sterling lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. He is retired from a major transportation company where he wrote arbitration briefs and monthly newspaper columns. Before authoring The Corbin Cult Series, he spent much of his time exploring cult culture in America and its devastating impact on members, most notably women and children. 

email: saulsterling666@gmail.com